Why a Degree in Math?

Why would anyone who knew he was going to be a preacher major in math? Great question. I've been asked "why" questions like this one many times through the years. It's actually an anticlimactic story.

Dad often told me I needed to get a non-religion degree in college, in case the ministry did not work out for me. Thanks, Dad, for that vote of confidence.

When I arrived to register for my first semester in college, I was awestruck at the length of some of the sign-up lines. The English majors stretched a block on one direction; the history majors covered a block the other way.

At this moment of despair, I saw a professor (Dr. Francis, who would later teach me) leaning back in his chair, reading a book, with his feet propped up on the desk in front of him. I felt compelled to walk straight toward him. I hesitated a moment when I saw a "Math" sign on the desk by his feet, but interrupted his reading anyway by saying, "I am here to register." He looked at me askance and replied, "You good at math?" I said something that gave an affirmative answer.

He signed me up for Calculus; I had no idea what that was. Three years later I graduated with a math degree. I'm proud to say I never stood in a line to register during my whole college career. Huzzah! #mathmajorsrule

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