Dad’s Smile

Of my dad's many positive traits, one of my favorites was his smile. He must have been born with it. He couldn't not smile. One time a newspaper photographer came to take pictures of vandalism at his church; he wanted Dad in a photo but couldn't get him to not smile (no kidding).

I often bragged on his smile, but he seemed impervious to how wonderful a gift it was. He would compliment me on my natural scowl. He said it helped make me a better preacher. I never understood how having a tough looking face made one a better pulpiteer.

Dementia stole his smile. I hated that. I'm glad he has it back now.

I have literally spent decades trying to develop and maintain on my face a smile like Dad's. It is a hard assignment to complete. I guess you have it or you don't. I don't, but in his honor I will keep trying. "To be like Dad" was always a worthy goal in my life. I miss him. I already dread Fathers Day.

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