George H W Bush

I never speak publicly about current political figures, but history is a different matter. Twenty-six years later, I still think we did President Bush a huge disservice by not re-electing him President.

He was not perfect. He would sometimes say unwise things. He was unable to come out from under Reagan's shadow. He appointed an iffy Supreme Court Justice. He broke his "Read my lips; no more taxes" promise.

As I look back over a quarter of a century ago, I guess I have to wonder; does a person have to be perfect to be President? Bush was an American hero when a teenager. He was shot down as a pilot in WW2 at age 20. He held as many significant political positions as anyone in modern times. He was part of the longest, most powerful family dynasty in our history—a combined total of 20 years as President or Vice-President.

I have been blessed by the response of the American people to President Bush at his death. It is a comfort to know he and his beloved Barbara are together again. I pray his family and our nation will be comforted as we share this time of grieving together.

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