One Promotion Too Many

The Peter Principle is one I learned when young, and have seen fulfilled often through the years. It states we tend to promote people to the level of their incompetence. In other words, they do well at various jobs, and thus we keep promoting them until they reach a point that they don't do as well, and we leave them in this level of mediocrity.

The life of President James Buchanan illustrated this principle again for me. Before the Presidency, he had a long string of successes to his credit. He served with distinction for over three decades at various levels of political involvement. But then he miserably failed as President. He is always ranked among the least effective Chief Executives.

What does this have to do with us? Learn a vital lesson here. Don't always accept a promotion automatically. Pray first. When we find our niche, pray about staying with it.

Contentment is a rare jewel in life. Find where you are effective, and consider staying there. I know this is easier said than done—our egos have loud voices—but humble praying must mark us every step of the way. As my dad said, proceed on your knees.

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