Lessons from the Hallmark Channel

Ruth loves Hallmark movies. Occasionally she is able to convince me to watch one with her. I've seen relatively few of them, but have already noticed some recurring themes that actually serve as good lessons for life.

One, a relationship can get off to a rocky start, yet end well. It's true we have only one chance to make a good first impression, but there are plenty of later impressions that can soften the first one. Ruth and I are a good example of this. She thought I was cocky (which I was), but we were able to forge a great relationship eventually.

Two, relationships always ride on bumpy roads. Life is made up of conflicts. It is impossible for two people to agree on everything. Relationships are built on, or buried in, the ruins of disagreements. Ruth and I are both strong willed people. We disagree often. Nevertheless, we have always been able to work through our differences, and actually be made better by them.

Three, we all want happy endings. This is, of course, the ultimate draw of the Hallmark Channel. We know the story will end well. I like movies with happy endings. I get enough reality in everyday living. I don't need a movie of life as it really is. Fortunately, for the Christ-follower, the best is always yet to come, and life truly will finish with a happy ending.

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